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F1 | Rueda on Ferrari's failure to get fastest lap: “If we don’t take these opportunities, we’re no longer racers”

Iñaki Rueda has spoken about Ferrari's weekend in Monza, the positive and the negative.

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F1 | Rueda on Ferrari's failure to get fastest lap: “If we don’t take these opportunities, we’re no longer racers”
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Iñaki Rueda, Sporting Director and Head of Race Strategy of Ferrari has done a fast analysis on the team’s performance at the Belgian GP. It was far from ideal.

The first positive Rueda talks about is the fact that since they had a penalty for changing the power unit for Leclerc, the Maranello - based team was able to provide Sainz with three tows during the qualifying session, which allowed the Spaniard to start the race in pole position.

The second positive that the Sporting Director spoke about, was Sainz’ race, starting off with soft tyres was an aggressive start which allowed the Madrid-born driver to stay out of trouble in the first couple of laps.

Unfortunately for them, they saw that Red Bull pace was better, so Rueda decided to act accordingly and gave him hard tyres which the driver managed flawless and allowed him to finish third.

Unfortunately, Charles Leclerc wasn’t as lucky as his teammate. On top of having to start at the end of the grid due to the penalty, car # 16 was having a fast increase on brakes temperature on lap 2, so they had to call him to box, where they found that there was a tear-off blocking the breaking duct.

Even though this delayed the Monaguesque, the Director said “we were quite fortunate to detect this on time because had Charles done one more lap with a tear-off in the brake duct most likely his brakes would have failed”, meaning they saved the 24-year-old from a potential crash.

Regarding the controversial pit stop for Leclerc at lap 42, Rueda commented: “It didn’t go as we planned, not only did we miss the fastest lap by six tenths but we collected a small penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

For many people, a 5 second penalty is not seen as small, but that’s how the Head of Race Strategy referred to it. Even with the Monaguesque race being ruined by this, the 44-year-old Spaniard did not take back their decision and commented: “If we don’t take these opportunities, we’re no longer racers”.

Iñaki Rueda did bring up that Ferrari had some very good pit stops that were able to give both their drivers a certain advantage over the rest of the grid. One of their pit stops this last weekend was “only a tenth shy” of Ferrari’s fastest ever pit stop.

When the negatives were brought up, was that Red Bull pace was superior to Ferrari’s, regarding this matter, the Head of Race Strategy added that “it was a big surprise for us”.

To many of the people watching, it might have not been such a big surprise, however, the Spaniard acknowledged that Ferrari needs to upgrade their car: “We definitely need to focus our efforts in improving our car”.

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