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F1 | Williams Racing is pleased with progress being made and impact it will have in 2023

Williams Racing’s Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson, explains that despite starting the season slower than the team would have liked, 'I think I'm actually quite pleased with how we've progressed.'

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F1 | Williams Racing is pleased with progress being made and impact it will have in 2023
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Williams Racing’s Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson, was asked by Motorlat after the Hungarian Grand Prix to rate his team’s season out of 10 seeing how we are just over the halfway point of the season. Although Robson felt that was not possible, his remarks show that Williams are confident they have closed the gap compared to their rivals and now look at scoring points once again at races before the season ends.

With Alex Albon starting the Hungarian Grand Prix P17 and his teammate Nicholas Latifi on the back row of the grid in P19, Williams Racing knew they had an uphill battle ahead of them. Unfortunately for the team, the rain was never enough to affect the race and with both cars suffering damage on the opening lap, Williams Racing endured a difficult race. By the time the chequered flag fell, it was P17 for Albon and P18 for Latifi. Anyone who had not seen a race in 2022 may not have been surprised by this following Williams’ performance in recent seasons. But this outcome was one of the worst for the team this season and certainly not a representation of the progress they have made with the FW44.

Therefore, when Motorlat asked Williams Racing’s Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson, to rate his team’s season out of 10, it was of little surprise that this would be a far from straightforward answer.

“I'm not sure I can score ourselves, cause the problem is you know, it's not an absolute score isn’t it, it's all relative to what everyone else has done. I think we started the season slower than we would have liked but I think I'm actually quite pleased with how we've progressed. I think we have closed the gap and we have been able to fight at times we’re just a little bit too slow generally to see that translate into points but actually you know when we finish 11th, 12th, 13th that’s actually quite good.” Robson explained.

The remarks from Williams’ Head of Vehicle Performance then continued as he reflected on the impact that will come from the progress being made. Despite not bringing points regularly, the togetherness, effort and team spirit has a long-lasting effect which will set Williams Racing in good stead for the coming seasons.

“We don't ultimately get anything to show for it, but I think the progress we've made with the car is not too bad. You’d always like it to be better of course, but I think it's OK and I think at least things have worked. So, the concepts we've tried are working, working reasonably well so hopefully we can use that to learn and build on next year which is obviously the main objective now. To not start next year wise as far back as we did this year. So yeah, a bit mixed, a slow start but I think some decent progress.” Robson concluded on the matter.

The question of who will be starting alongside Alex Albon on the grid next year at Williams Racing remains unanswered for now. However, Nicholas Latifi is unsurprisingly not giving up his seat without a fight and Spa-Francorchamps is most likely a circuit which will see Williams more competitive.

However, one can assume the team’s outcome in Spa this time round after the summer break to not quite be up to George Russel’s remarkable P2 finish last year when the 12th race of the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship failed to produce a single racing lap. Although, this is Spa after all so who knows?!

What is known at this point over at Williams Racing, is that the upgrades are working, the FW44 is becoming more competitive, and the team is together for the battle ahead.


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