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#QatarGP, Raul Fernandez keeps his leadership as nothing change on time sheet

On Friday everyone was scared on not improving his lap time on Saturday in FP3 due to worse track condition and so it was: top 14 did not change with the riders who got a good lap on Friday who get a direct access into last qualifying session

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#QatarGP, Raul Fernandez keeps his leadership as nothing change on time sheet
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First 2020 Moto3 FP3 was as expected a really busy one, with the riders who did not have an easy life on improving their lap time did yesterday, but someone still managed to do it despite worse condition. There were a lot of riders who had to put themselves on top 14 as Tatsuki Suzuki, Albert Arenas, Alonso Lopez, Dennis Foggia and Filip Salac, who did not make a good lap time on Friday and had to face an hard last session of free practice before going into qualifying.

After the chequered flag, the fears proved to be well founded as long as almost no one was able to improve his lap time from yesterday, especially the guys who needed to get themselves into top 14. Combined free practice session did not change at all so, with Raul Fernandez who topped the day not only on that but also counting only FP3 times, showing a lot of pace to be converted on Sunday and qualifying session.

Darryn Binder ended in 2nd, with Sergio Garcia and Ai Ogura just behind. Kaito Toba crashed during his fast lap on the last session of free practice but managed to end in 5th combined overall, followed by Tony Arbolino, Andrea Migno and Jaume Masia, while Romano Fenati and Deniz Oncu end top 10. John McPhee, Celestino Vietti, Yuki Kunii and Carlos Tatay are the last guys who got a spot into Q2. Dennis Foggia and Tatsuki Suzuki tried their best but only managed to end 2nd and 3rd only counting FP3 times but both have a solid race pace and same for Filip Salac, who crashed while doing a fast lap on trying to get himself into a Q2 position.

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