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Casey Stoner has a chronic fatigue syndrome

The Australian confessed how serious his disease is and how much problems he is giving to himself, has happened during the past, saying that he does not have energy to do a lot of things

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Casey Stoner has a chronic fatigue syndrome
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Casey Stoner confessed that he has a chronic fatigue syndrome and he is struggling a lot on having a normal life due to that. The Australian confessed it during ‘Rusty’s Garage’ podcast where he told to the world the problem that he is conditioning his ordinary life. Two times MotoGP World Champion is keeping the situation under control with medicines.

Stoner already suffered this problem in 2009 and that forced him to miss some races; in that period the Australian explained to the World the issue as a lactose intolerance. Casey is struggling on a lot of thing, as he is suffering fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, pain and other symptoms that are changing his life and surely is not feeling well.

Casey told about his situation: “I am not able to stay healthy. I have a serious problem, the ribs go off axis, and this causes me pain to the back. Then I have some cramps and I have to wait one week until things come back to normality. I rode a bike two weeks ago for an Alpinestars’ event. I did not too many laps, without pushing, but it was enough”.

Things are a little bit better but not good enough: “Situation is better with some medicines, but I am still not close on coming back training or doing the things I like, otherwise I have to stop myself for one week or four or five days at least and this makes also Adriana’s life tough. It is one year that I do not go on a kart, I do not have enough energy to do it, otherwise I have to stay on a sofa for a week. I cannot do things that I like, it is frustrating”

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