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F1 | FIA: Red Bull punished fairly for cost cap breach despite rivals wanting "them to be hanged"

FIA President says Red Bull were punished fairly for the cost cap breach.

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F1 | FIA: Red Bull punished fairly for cost cap breach despite rivals wanting "them to be hanged"
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FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem says Red Bull received a fair penalty for breaching the cost cap despite their rival teams wanting “them to be hanged.”

The Milton Keynes-based squad was found guilty of breaching the 2021 cost cap and were fined $7 million dollars in October. They were also given handed a 10% reduction in wind tunnel time for 2023 although many of Red Bull’s rivals wanted a harsher punishment.

“We learned a lot and a big review is going into it,” he said, when asked if he felt the cost cap punishment given out was enough of a deterrent.

“Who knows in the first year what is going to be the outcome? We didn't even expect it

“If you look at the other teams, they will say we have been light on them [Red Bull] And the penalty? Some of them want them to be hanged and they want to see blood. And the [guilty] teams themselves see it as huge on them. So where do you draw that?

“I mean, we have to be fair also. Do we want to get rid of them or we want them to be straightened up and not do it.”

Sulayem is eager to see quicker conclusions to cost cap investigations and them being drawn out into the closing stages of a season isn’t ideal

“The only thing I would say is what we did in September/October, it should be done early,” he said.

“But as the first year, we learned a lot from it. And we're still learning. So it is better to come in May; not in October.”

The FIA President said that the FIA are adding personnel in order to handle situations on financial matters and other areas with more conviction.

“The financial regulation has been the first year; policing it is very hard,” he added. “And that is why we have discussed also employees: three more in the financial side, three more in the chassis and the PU. So more recruitment is coming ahead.

“If you don't have the manpower and the proper people to police it, what's the use of having this regulation? I believe that there was a balance between finance and also the sporting penalties there.”

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