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F1 | The World Motor Sport Council has approved the 2026 Power Unit Regulations

The FIA has announced that the World Motor Sport Council has approved the 2026 Power Unit Regulations, in which a 100% sustainable fuel, no MGU-H and more power stand out.

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F1 | The World Motor Sport Council has approved the 2026 Power Unit Regulations
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The new regulations for power units begin to take shape and become a reality. Today, being August 16, 2022, the World Motor Sport Council has approved the power unit regulations for the 2026 Formula 1 season. 2022 was the year in which the technical and mechanical regulations of single-seaters were revolutionized, this with the objective of improving the spectacle of the overtaking, as well as trying to squeeze the entire group of single-seaters so that there are more fights. 2026 will see the exact same thing, only instead of car design regulations, it will now be on power units.

In the same way, this is coupled with all the rumours that have emerged in recent weeks of the incorporation of Porsche and Audi in the highest category of motorsports, however, everything seems to indicate that the German brands were waiting for the new regulation of the power units for that year, this has already happened, so we could soon hear news.

Regarding the 2026 Formula 1 Power Unit Regulations, FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, commented: “The FIA continues to push forward on innovation and sustainability -across our entire motor sport portfolio – the 2026 Formula 1 Power Unit Regulations are the most high-profile example of that mission.” Affirmed. “The introduction of advanced PU technology along with synthetic sustainable fuels aligns with our objective of delivering benefits for road car users and meeting our objective of net zero carbon by 2030.”



“F1 is currently enjoying immense growth and we are confident these Regulations will build on the excitement our 2022 changes have produced. I wat to thank all of the FIA management and technical staff involved in this process for their diligence and commitment in working together with all of our Formula 1 stakeholders to deliver this. I also want to thank our WMSC members for their consideration and approval of these regulations.” The FIA President stated.

In the new regulation that will be used from the 2026 Formula 1 season, 5 points stand out. The first is that the MGU-K will make more power than it currently does. This means that this component will stop providing 120 kW and will start generating 350 kW, equivalent to around 475 horsepower. Secondly, the FIA ​​has decided to remove the MGU-H, this component will no longer be present in the power units of 2026. The third point is the fuel that will be used, since the FIA ​​presumes that it will be a 100% sustainable fuel, which is quite beneficial for the environment. Fourth, the FIA ​​has announced that the engine will remain a turbocharged 1.6-litre V6. Finally, the teams will have "difficulties" when it comes to wanting to develop their power unit, thanks to limits that the FIA ​​will impose to use them in development.

Taking all this into account, the FIA ​​has also commented that all these new regulations are designed to be attractive to new Power Unit Manufacturers, which would mean that Mercedes, Red Bull Powertrains, Ferrari and Renault are not the only ones that will have units of power, but that we see new brands enter the world of Formula 1.

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