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F1 | Toto Wolff about porpoising restrictions: "The FIA says it doesn't want to have an NFL situation"

Speaking in a recent interview to motorsport.com, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff talked about the restrictions related to porpoising coming by the FIA.

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F1 | Toto Wolff about porpoising restrictions: "The FIA says it doesn't want to have an NFL situation"
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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is fixed that action should be taken by the FIA regarding porpoising as F1 cannot risk to have a situation like the NFL, where drivers could end up having serious health problems in the long term. In the NFL, there has been numerous former players who've ended up with injuries to the brain and sued the series. 

Speaking to motorsport.com about the whole porpoising debate, Wolff made is point clear by the following statement:

"It's very simple. You can ask FIA for the medical analysis, which shows that frequencies of one or two hertz over several minutes can lead to long term brain damage. We have six to seven hertz over several hours.

"The FIA has just no option than to do something, and I think that have teams lobbying for it or against it, it's just completely irrelevant. It's a medical question that needs to be answered. And these reports are a reality and they are fact. I don't think that the FIA will let themselves be manipulated in either direction.

"The GPDA gave their statements, the drivers have given the statements on an anonymous form. The competent specialists and doctors have been consulting, and the result is that it's not good for long-term effect. The FIA says it doesn't want to have an NFL situation."

But while teams like Mercedes, who were not able to find a solution to porpoising, urged the FIA to take actions after their drivers suffered of the constant bouncing of their cars, there are many teams of the opinion that the FIA should not intervene. In fact teams like Red Bull and Ferrari had solved their porpoising issue early on in the season, so they think that the future restrictions could take away their advantage.

“I think they’d rather continue to be the two of them at the top than have a third guest at the party,” Wolff commented about Red Bull and Ferrari position.

“When pressure is put on the FIA there is always a potential advantage, in everything, and we have done so in the past. But I see this issue in a very different way, on several occasions there have been no hesitation in making changes to regulations for security reasons.

“I could also add that today we have now understood the porpoising problems of our car, we got pole position in the last race, but this does not change anything. It is irrelevant, we are talking about something that damages the health of the pilots, from the outside we cannot understand what it means to be subjected to those particular stresses.”

“I strongly believe that countermeasures need to be taken to make sure that this issue is a distant memory next year.”

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