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F1 | "Quite a good interpretation of the regulations": Teams’ reactions to Aston Martin’s new rear wing

The “clever” new concept, if proved “legal”, could be an inspiration for many others on the grid, including Alfa Romeo, McLaren and championship leaders Red Bull.

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F1 | "Quite a good interpretation of the regulations": Teams’ reactions to Aston Martin’s new rear wing
Fuente imagen: Aston Marti; on Twitter

During the Hungarian GP, the British team debuted a new rear wing design, featuring a new conjunction between the endplate and the actual wing that should make more difficult for the cars behind to follow like in the past years, while increasing the generated downforce.

Aston Martin's Team Principal Mike Krack talked about the innovation of the new wing, and heavily remarked its legality in spite of its main idea going against the spirit of the new regulations:

“We were in touch with the FIA all along the development to understand if this was something that would be accepted."

"It finally was so that for us was the moment where we said ‘OK, we’ll go for it’. I think it is nothing special, it is an interpretation of the rules.

"We developed the wing according to that in conjunction with the FIA. That’s it, basically."

However, the new design caught the attenetion of all the other F1 teams, starting with championship leaders Red Bull.

Christian Horner was especially excited by the potential the concept holds, if it is actually complying to the rules:"I guess if it complies with the regulations, that’s the main thing."

"It opens up another avenue that’s interesting,maybe for once we’ll copy something off an Aston Martin rather than the other way around." he added.

Alfa Romeo's Head of Trackside Engineering Xevi Pujolar finds it an interesting option, which might be picked up by his team as well if it's proved convenient:

"Definitely it seems in terms of performance this weekend they seem to be OK, for sure, so I think we'll probably have to have a look as well.

"Even if in qualifying they didn't... I don't know why they didn't have the performance, but in the race their pace was OK. I'm sure we will have good fights in the second part of the season."

Williams'Head of Vehichle Performance Dave Robson complimented the Silverstone-based team on their "clever" approach to the new regulations and the problem of cars behind being more able to follow and overtake:

"From what I have seen, and from what I understand in terms of how it works, I think it's quite clever, quite a good interpretation of the regulations."

"I'm sure it's beneficial to them, so fair play."

McLaren's Andreas Seidl expressed the will of his team to look into the advantages or disadvantages it's implementation could bring: “Next week we will probably look into this design and then make our mind up if it’s a route we want to follow as well.”

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