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F1 | Gasly explains why he's struggling this year; states he's ready for a big team again

Pierre Gasly explained why this year he doesn't seem consistent like he was last season: "There is a lot of difference from last year's car, this one lacks downforce" he said. Then added that he feels confident now and that he is "A much more complete driver".

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F1 | Gasly explains why he's struggling this year; states he's ready for a big team again
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Pierre Gasly's season is not going as everyone expected, after the great performance he showed last year with AlphaTauri, which made it clear to anyone that with the right level of self-confidence and the right motivation, a driver can give his best.

After the unfortunate adventure with Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen, the French driver was reborn with the team from Faenza, but this year he doesn't seem to find the right feeling with the new car.

In an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com, Gasly answered a few questions, explaining why this 2022 is putting him in a difficult position of understanding the car and what is affecting this season.

The French driver explained why at this point of the season he’s scored just a quarter of the points he had last season:

“I think it's very simple, there are two reasons. The first is linked to the loss of competitiveness in qualifying, a front on which we were doing very, very well last year.

“I was constantly in Q3, in Q1 I only needed one set of tires to pass the cut, and this is the first reason that affected us this season, that is, we are not competitive enough in qualifying and this makes the races uphill. The second is linked to the step forward made by our direct rivals, such as Alfa Romeo, Alpine, and even Haas,” Gasly said.

He then continued, illustrating some of the car's problems that are affecting his individual performance.

"There is a lot of difference from last year's car" - Gasly pointed out - "We lack downforce for sure”.

“On tracks with low speed corners, such as Munich and Baku, it is better. Baku was our best weekend because on that track there are no corners in fourth gear, they are all in second or third gear, and for us this is the perfect scenario, the one in which we do well. If you look at Monaco, in the second sector, where there are only low speed corners, we were always in the top five. As soon as there is a curve at high or medium speed, the problems begin, because for us it means sliding. Either the front is too weak and you have too much understeer or the car simply slips, I mean that the four wheels are slipping… ”.

The 26-year-old born in Rouen then discussed his future goals:

“I am already working towards 2023. I know I will be with AlphaTauri until November 2023, so what I do now is something that will come in handy for next year as well. I'm not saying that this year we have to give up on aiming for important results, but I am aware that every small step, every feedback I can give, every direction in which I am pushing the team, will affect next year's car. "

"Now we are in a period of transition, last year was fantastic, this year is much more difficult, but it is in these moments that there is a need to be united, and I try to do everything I can in the my role, I keep the team together, I want and want to move forward and go back to where we were last year.”

He then explained that after these years of experience he feels like a more complete driver and that he feels ready to take the big leap and to drive for a top team again.

Now I am a much more complete driver, I think I have shown that with a mid-ranking car I was able to grow and achieve good results, and with all the respect I have for AlphaTauri, there will always be a gap with a top team.

"We can reach a podium, even a victory proved that it is not impossible, there was a one percent chance and we did it. Last year I think it was a very consistent season, and that's what I wanted to show, which is that I am able to always be there, in qualifying and in the race, able to bring points to the team."

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