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F1 | Austrian GP | Kevin Magnussen reflects on points for both Haas cars: “What a weekend for our team”

It was a stressful race for K-Mag. However, the Dane managed to score again.

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F1 | Austrian GP | Kevin Magnussen reflects on points for both Haas cars: “What a weekend for our team”
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It was an important points haul for Haas with both drivers finishing within the top 10 for second time in a row and also with Magnussen also collecting two points from the Sprint Race yesterday.

Talking to the media after the race, he showed he could not hide his happiness and explained some issues he had to deal with by the end of the race.

“I feel good. I mean, what a weekend for our team. It´s really been great. Finally, we had a bit of luck. It kinda went our way and after those four or five races recently that weren´t good for us but we had the pace, it´s hard not to get down a little bit about it and now the last two races we´ve been lucky and especially this weekend we just had a great qualifying, a great sprint qualifying and then a great race. So, I´m super happy. “

However, today´s race was a bit more difficult for the Dane after an engine issue made his race more complicated than expected.

“I had an engine issue all race so I was praying to God that it wouldn´t blow up.“

“I was getting very nervous it would blow out. It´s not the first time this year but there was god pace in the car and even with that slight misfire it was still fast and was able to still score points. Not perfect but it´s been a great weekend, couple of weekends, double races with double points for the team and this weekend 14 race points, double points today. It´s kinda perfect for us.”

“I had to kinda use one gear low which wasn´t ideal but I was able to finish the race,” he explained on what he had to do when facing the issues.

Haas drivers have been delivering good performances without any upgrades. This also adds an extra value to the points scored over the last weekends.

“It is exciting and I´m looking forward to seeing whether, you know, i´m not getting nervous for that upgrade maybe we shouldn´t use it all!

“It´s very exciting and a good position,” he concluded.

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