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F1 | British GP | Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda on their "unnecessary" collision

Speaking to MotorLAT and other media outlets, Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda spoke about the dynamic of their collision which costed the AlphaTauri Team an opportunity to score some significant points. 

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F1 | British GP | Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda on their "unnecessary" collision
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The British Gran Prix was certainly not the the ideal weekend for the AlphaTauri. The two drivers of the Faenza team were in seventh and eighth position in the early stages of the Silverstone race, an excellent opportunity to bring points home, but contact between the two teammates led to the retirement of Pierre Gasly and 14th place for Yuki Tsunoda.

The dynamics of the contact seem to be quite clear: during the tenth lap Tsunoda tried a move on his teammate who managed to regain position immediately. 

The Japanese driver, however, remained close to Gasly's car, attempting immediately after another attack on the inside at turn 3, but during the overtaking attempt he went too deep under braking, which caused the collision with his teammate and send both cars into a spin.

Gasly's car suffered damage to the rear wing that forced him to retire while Tsunoda was able to continue his race but suffered a penalty of 5 seconds for the maneuver carried out.

At the end of the race, at the microphones of MotorLAT and other media outlets, Gasly does not hide his disappointment: "I'm extremely disappointed because we were in a such a good position after the restart, both in points on a track where we've struggled massively.”

“It’s something we need to discuss internally, and I’m not going to start talking about it here, but I’m extremely disappointed to lose an opportunity like this.”

"In a difficult season like we're having, we can't miss this sort of opportunity as a team. This is the first time we’re having such a scenario and such a situation, but it shouldn’t even happen. It was unecessary.”

At the same time the Japanese driver provided his own version of the facts following the accident, admitting that from his point of view he was convinced that there was room for his maneuver.

“From my side, with my speed it would have been easy to make the corner, but at the same time I didn't expect him to close the door. He didn't close the door fully, but there wasn't enough space to turn."

“Obviously, if we’re battling each other, we wanna to give the minimum room, because you don’t you don’t wanna let the car pass easily. So I can understand Pierre.”

However, Tsunoda admitted his guilt and apologized to the team for what happened, certain that he has still to work and learn a lot.

“Of course, I could have waited for a different opportunity, but would I say the main thing is that I feel sorry for the team.”

“Definitely we are gonna have a conversation. I was faster. Anyway that was my fault I would say, there’s nothing I can say other than this.”

“I try to overtake before the corner, not in the middle of the corner. I didn’t expect him to try to still fight against me in a corner. But that was my mistake, my expectation management was not good enough, so this is a thing I can learn and avoid next time.”

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