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F1 | British GP | Hamilton "will try to pull something special out for tomorrow”

Lewis Hamilton talks Mercedes' upgrades and a qualifying session in which he was hopeful for more was it not for the temperature loss during his cool-down lap at the end of Q3.

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F1 | British GP | Hamilton "will try to pull something special out for tomorrow”
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Mercedes has brought to Silverstone an upgrade package for the W13 that includes a revised floor in hopes of finding a solution to the heavy porpoising the car has been suffering since the start of the season.

“The team has worked incredibly hard to bring updates to the car and we have a bunch of new aero furniture around the car and it has improved,” Lewis Hamilton told media including MotorLat at the end of this afternoon’s Qualifying.

“But we still have bouncing in the high-speed corners which is where, particularly the Red Bull, is pulling away from us.”

The Brit had suffered greatly from back pain due to the bouncing, particularly during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“Baku was a really bumpy circuit, this is a much smoother circuit but in the high-speed corners is where we still have bouncing, but it’s not aggressive physically, it just messes up the balance a bit,” he said.

“The car has been improved, so we’ve just got to try keep working away, improving this car. There’s so much potential in it, we’re just not fully unlocking it.”

During free practice the performance of the W13 appeared rather improved compared to past races and Hamilton managed to keep up with the front row teams until the last few minutes of Q3.

“In the rain, we were fighting for the front row all the way up until that second to last lap we were up there, so it’s just been unfortunate.”

Unfortunate as tomorrow the seven-time-world-champion will be starting the British Grand Prix from P5.

“We wanted to go to a more racy power-mode for the last lap and charge the battery and as we did that it rained a bit more on the last lap,” he commented.

"I was really so hopeful because we have got this incredible crowd and all of a sudden I was in the fight so I was feeling great, going second by 0.02s or something, so I thought I could definitely go quicker.”

"I think I was two tenths up so I backed off to go again on the next lap but it wasn't to be, we lost too much temperature on the cool-down lap."

Ahead of him only the Ferraris and the Red Bulls, not a bad position considering the poor form Mercedes has been in this season, but certainly not a satisfying result for his home race.

"It makes it a little bit harder tomorrow but still we have got a good race car and will be continue to work," he said.

"It is not the worst position to start of course, in the past races I would've been super happy with that, but of course it is the British Grand Prix and you are hopeful for something more.”

“I think I was on course for that but anyway, we move forwards and I will try to pull something special out for tomorrow.”

Not the easiest challenge ahead tomorrow for Hamilton, who is well aware of how quick Red Bull is.

"I don't know if we can challenge for a win, the Red Bulls are so quick in the dry, they are pulling away on the straights and through the high-speed corners as they don't have any bouncing whereas we have bouncing here, particularly in the corners, and that is where they are pulling away,” he explained.  

"I think our race pace was a little bit better yesterday, I still think they are ahead but let's see. I’m hoping that we are a little bit closer on race pace compared to the last race, and if we are then I can just hold on to them maybe we can somehow progress. So I will be aggressive tomorrow."

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