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F1 | British GP | Haas set to consult FIA about decision to use the black and orange flag for Kevin Magnussen in Canada

Haas F1 team stated that they are going to talk to the FIA about consulting teams regarding car damages during races after Kevin Magnussen was issued a black and orange flag for a “damaged” front wing.

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F1 | British GP | Haas set to consult FIA about decision to use the black and orange flag for Kevin Magnussen in Canada
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During last weekend’s race in Canada, Haas’ driver Kevin Magnussen was issued a black and orange flag due to a “scratch” on his front wing after brushing against Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race. This forced him to pit early and lose valuable points.

The FIA issued the flag for the fear that the damaged front wing could be a danger to other drivers after Esteban Ocon was heard complaining about it to his team over the radio.

After the Canadian Grand Prix, the Dane driver said that Ocon’s comment had influenced the FIA’s decision as he stated that they haven’t had consistency in dealing with similar situations in the past.

“The car was fine. The front wing was safe, it was not broken off,” said Magnussen.

“Think back to Jeddah last year, Lewis Hamilton won the race with half a front wing, which I think is correct. Let us race if we can.

“It feels like suddenly very different. In Monaco they don't start us because it started drizzling, and then here I'm called in because I have a scratch on my front wing.”

Gunther Steiner, Haas F1 team boss, said that he was irritated with the fact that the FIA had failed to contact the team to enquire about the damaged of the front wing and possible threat to other drivers.

Steiner wants team manager, Peter Crolla, to bring up the matter to discussion with F1 race director at the British GP to ensure a better handling of similar situations in the future.

“I share the annoyance, and it is more an annoyance that we were not even consulted about it,” explained Steiner to MotorLAT and other media outlets. “We didn't get the call saying: 'hey, guys, your front wing, there is a piece flapping off, what is your opinion about that?’

“We know how it is designed. I cannot sit here now and say it would never have fallen off, but it wouldn't have fallen off because there is Zylon on top of it, and Zylon doesn't break.”

“We also need to respect the race director. But my personal disappointment, and I have to actually ask Peter Crolla, our team manager, to go and bring this up, is that we should have had at least a call asking our opinion about it, instead of just getting the flag and that's it, over and out,” Steiner added.

Steiner also stated that if the FIA had asked the team about it, he would’ve explained that it was looking like an early pit stop to change the front wing anyway, but that it had no risk of breaking and being a threat.

“We would have changed the wing anyway, because we lost downforce, but at a more convenient time,” he said.

“Even just a lap later, you would have lost maybe 10 seconds less because it was under virtual safety car. So it was a bit disappointing.

“I think it came over because another driver cried on the radio, that he was scared for his life, so it was reactive again. And are we back to that?”

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