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F1 | Alfa Romeo: Teams need to “adjust” to the 2022 regulations and avoid bouncing themselves

Alfa Romeo is one of the teams that suffers the least from bouncing and porpoising in their 2022 car, and according to the team’s head of trackside engineering Xevi Pujolar, this is a choice of the team -to run the car in a suitable ride height – which other teams should adopt as well.

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F1 | Alfa Romeo: Teams need to “adjust” to the 2022 regulations and avoid bouncing themselves
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With many teams struggling to get to grips with the new ground-effect 2022 cars and their different dynamics, such as the porpoising/bouncing issue – most notably Mercedes - Alfa Romeo believes the teams can solve the bouncing by just adjusting their car’s set-up to a suitable range of ride height, without the need of external assists and tools like the latest FIA technical directive regarding porpoising.

Speaking to selected media at the Canadian GP – including MotorLATXevi Pujolar, the team’s head of trackside engineering, has explained that the Swiss-based team could manually induce porpoising on the C42 by just altering set-up parameters, but they “choose to stay out of it” for both comfort of the drivers and management of car parts:

“If we wanted it, we’d have bouncing as well. It depends where you choose to run (the car, regarding ride height).

“You need to set-up your car around it,” he said. “If you want to bounce like a kangaroo, we could do that as well, but we just choose to stay out of it – not only for driver comfort, but also to avoid damage in the car.”

Pujolar doesn’t expect the FIA technical directive on the matter – TD-039, which regulates over what level of bouncing/vertical movement is acceptable  – will affect his team’s performance, and explained why such interventions from outside of the teams are not essential, as the problem can be solved already without such tools being needed:

“For us, I don’t see any effect on our performance with that (directive).

“There could be tools that will help more, but at the end of the day, you need to – with the current regulations we have, you can solve it as well.

He makes it clear that the responsibility to adjust to the situation and solve the problems is entirely on the teams, as it would be with any other regulation regarding the cars. Pujolar also said he doesn’t understand why the matter is being talked and discussed so much, if a solution is already clear and available for most teams – even if it comes at a cost of raw speed and performance:

“With other tools, it will you to stop it in a different ride height range, maybe. But you need to adjust yourself to the regulations of F1. It’s like any other regulation (like the) brakes or anything,

“I don’t understand why we’re going around so much with that,” he concluded.

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