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F1 | Canadian GP | Leclerc and Verstappen disagree with FIA's plans to tackle porpoising

The drivers remain split regarding the FIA’s plans to tackle porpoising in the wake of some drivers suffering physical ailments caused by the bumps on the main straight of the Baku city circuit.

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F1 | Canadian GP | Leclerc and Verstappen disagree with FIA's plans to tackle porpoising
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The drivers remain divided about the FIA’s recently announced technical directive to curb porposing. Two of the main title contenders, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, are against the technical directive implemented by the FIA.

Since the issue of porpoising arose after the first pre-season test in Bahrain, teams have been scratching their hands to try and find a solution to the problem that has caused the drivers’ to suffer a slew of injuries.

Last weekend’s race in Baku saw more concerns being raised about porpoising as the bumps on the street circuit caused drivers’ heads to bounce furiously on the run down to the front straight, whilst Lewis Hamilton required treatment after suffering back pain on his way to fourth place.

With teams unable to agree on a solution, the FIA has now introduced new technical directives that include closer scrutiny of the plank and the skids on the bottom of the car.

World Champion Max Verstappen stated in today’s FIA press conference of which, MotorLAT was in attendance, that he thought it wasn’t correct that the rules were going to be changed in the middle of the season.

“For me, regardless of whether it’s going to help us or work against us, I think these rule changes in the middle of the year I don’t think is correct. Of course, I understand the safety part of it, but I think if you talk to every engineer in the paddock if you raise your car, you will have less issues anyway but of course, naturally ourselves but also the other teams (are) going to try to find a limit with what you can cope with your body itself for performance.”

“But I don’t think it’s correct that now they have to intervene and start applying these kind of rules if you can’t deal with the porpoising, you have to go up on the ride height because it is very simple if you go up on the ride height you won’t have these issues.”

Charles Leclerc was also unhappy with the mid-season rule change when he too was asked about it during today’s press conference.

“I feel like it’s the team’s responsibility to give me a car that is ok to drive, and until now, I didn’t have any particular problems with it. Yes, it is different to last year’s car; whether it’s undrivable or very (physically) hard on myself, I don’t think it is.”

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