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F1 | Alfa Romeo on porpoising: ”Not a big limitation”

At the moment, according to Pujolar, it’s not that big of an issue for Alfa Romeo. 

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F1 | Alfa Romeo on porpoising: ”Not a big limitation”
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One of the most discussed issues in the paddock at the moment is the porposing, and the way it can affect not only the performances of the teams, but also the drivers' health, with many drivers opening up on the physical struggles they are facing while driving the new generation of cars. 

However, according to Alfa Romeo's Head of trackside engineering Xevi Pujolar, it's not affecting so much  the Italian-Swiss team right now.

Asked in the post-race media session how much is it of an issue and whether it could be solved by increasing the minimum ride height, he was unsure on it being an efficient solution for all the teams:

"I don't know, maybe different teams have made different decisions, different ways, you know? For us at the moment it's not a big limitation. I think for everyone it's been slightly different, I cannot judge on that one."

As far as what concerns his team, he added, they are nursing the problem by using specific car configurations.

"For us, we can see that depending on how we prepare the car it's becoming quite critical but we just try to manage it the best way we can."

He also denied knowing anything about the rumoured proposal to address the porpoising problem, supposedly presented from the FIA last year to some teams attention in order to deal with the problem early onset: "I haven't seen it, I don't know."

Pujolar also brought up the issues that can come up while dealing with the team's current problems in such a tight double header.

Both drivers Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou struggled in the Azerbaijan GP, with the latter forced to retire due to an hydraulic system malfunction and the former not able to get up to speed during both the race and the qualifying session.

Having already another race in a different continent means that there won't be enough time to fully investigate its causes, and that the easiest way of ensuring it won't happen again is to change as many parts as possible.

"Sure, probably what will happen is that we will change as much as we could to fix the problem, but that's the limitations we have got in such a quick turnaround."

"So, we'll just try to change as much as possible to make sure that all of the parts are up to normal or expected performance and nothing is wrong in terms of balance and with the performance."

Even if Pujolar also admitted that the lack of pace shown by the Finn might also have been caused by the new, upgraded parts mounted on his and his teammate's cars on Saturday, but that he didn't have a complete picture of what had happened yet: "I cannot say at the moment, I don't know."

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