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F1 | Christian Horner on Porsche & Audi: “It’s fantastic that they’re talking about coming into Formula 1”

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner shares his opinion on the potential of Porsche and Audi entering Formula 1, admitting he can’t see a new entrant joining the sport prior to the 2026 season

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F1 | Christian Horner on Porsche & Audi: “It’s fantastic that they’re talking about coming into Formula 1”
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With news from Volkswagen group in recent weeks confirming that both Porsche and Audi are proceeding with their long rumoured plans to enter Formula 1, Red Bull boss Christian Horner weighs in on the potentially momentous additions to the sport.

The Red Bull man deems it logical for his own team to hold talks, particularly with Porsche.

“I think it’s fantastic that they’re talking about coming into Formula 1, he said, speaking on Bloomberg Surveillance. “It’s iconic brands, particularly the Porsche brand.

“Of course we’re heading into a new chapter as we become power unit manufacturers. Other than Ferrari we’ll be the only team to have engine and chassis under one roof. So it would be logical to hold conversations with them after declaring their intent to enter the sport.”

Horner, who has very vocally pointed to the concorde agreement when discussing a potential new entrant from American motorsport giants Andretti, was once again quick to defend Formula 1’s current ten team system. A system which he claims works very well. He continued to say he believes adding new teams to the currrent grid would "dilute" the system currently in the sport.

He went on to indicate a new entry would likely have to buy into a current team in order to enter, or else wait until 2026 when the next rule change, related to engine formula, will take effect.

“We’ve got a ten team system at the moment and that works very well. You’ve effectively got ten franchises involved in the sport and I think you dilute that by introducing more teams into the sport.

“So I think until 2026, I can’t see any new entrants coming in. It will be a case of having to take on one of the existing franchises if a new party were to want to come into the sport.”

When pressed on the costs of Formula 1, Horner pointed to the cost cap as the main issue as he deems the sport to be in good health, citing the many new sponsors which have come on board. Although he equally admits the new financial rules level the playing field between the ten teams.

“It’s more the cost cap rather than the cost. I mean, the sport is in great health. We’ve got some fantastic partners. We’ve introduced a lot of American partners. Oracle have become our title partner this year, we have companies like ExxonMobil. A whole plethora of different companies that are supporting the team.

“But with a cost cap , it’s the amount of money that we are restricted to spending that is the challenge. But that is creating a more equal playing field for the ten teams”

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