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F1 | Monaco GP | Fernando Alonso wants a dry race tomorrow "I would prefer dry even if it´s boring for you."

The spaniard finished the session against the barriers but still managed to keep a 7th place between the Mercedes drivers to start Monaco´s ever challenging Gp.

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F1 | Monaco GP | Fernando Alonso wants a dry race tomorrow "I would prefer dry even if it´s boring for you."
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic. MotorLat.

Fernando Alonso will start tomorrow´s Monaco GP from the seventh place between the Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. The Spaniard couldn´t improve his lap time after crashing against the barriers in Turn 5 right at the same time Perez crashed in turn 8 and Sainz ended up against Perez while trying to avoid him.

After the session, Fernando talked to the media including MotorLAT after the session and explained his accident, “I lost the car. I lost the concentration first of all so, I braked too late, lock the tires.

Probably, I could use the escape road if I think back but I thought I could made the corner I couldn´t so… I apologise to the team first of all because this year every mistake costs money for the cost cap. It is difficult to accept so I´m not very proud of my qualifying. Let´s hope tomorrow I do a better job.”

When asked how he felt about the bouncing he explained: “Yesterday we struggled a little bit especially with the front end and the bouncing. Today I felt more confident with the car we were able to push. We grow up every session and hopefully tomorrow we can do a good race. If the rain comes that will mix things you never know it´s gonna be a survival race probably.”

About his first attempt in Q3 he explained: "It was good. I had two sets in Q3 because Q1 was easier than expected. I really thought that I could be P5 because in the first attempt I was P5 and the in the second attempt thanks to the track evolution maybe P5 was possible and I didn´t complete the lap.”

Alonso wouldn´t have been able to finish his lap anyway because of Perez and Sainz in turn 8. He explained he learned about the crash when he was trying to communicate his incident to his team: “At the same time, I crashed so I put the radio to say I was in turn 5 and the engineer came there´s a crash in turn 8 red flag and I say don´t worry I´m already in the wall.”

The two-times world champion praised his team´s effort to make progress: “I think we made a lot of changes. Our starting point was not ideal and I think the team was very good and very sharp on making the right changes to the car so kudos to them.”

A rainy race in Monaco would make the always unpredictable streets of the Principality even more challenging. On this matter Fernando explained, “It would be chaotic I would prefer dry even if it´s boring for you. For us, it´s much easier to execute the race. If it´s rainy it´s gonna be a gamble on everything. Let´s see if we are lucky.”

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