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F1 | Spanish GP | Robson and Mekies discuss the challenges of the budget cap

Dave Robson and Laurent Mekies discussed the challenges the budget cap brings to the teams in this morning's press conference and also how it changed the way the teams develop their cars.

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F1 | Spanish GP | Robson and Mekies discuss the challenges of the budget cap
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Teams have stated that they are not concerned about the budget caps potential effect on the number of upgrades they bring from race to race.

The new rule, which was brought into to bridge the financial and sporting gap between the big and small teams, had the added caveat of limiting the amount of upgrades a team brings from race to race.

But that hasn't stopped some teams from bringing a vast of upgrades to the second European race of the season, with Aston Martin bringing virtually a whole new car to Spain whilst McLaren introduced ten upgrades to the MCL36.

Williams's head of vehicle performance Dave Robson said in the FIA's morning press conference, which MotorLAT attended, that whilst the cost cap is a constraint on things such as how many upgrades teams bring to race to race, it also forces teams to spend wisely on which part of the car they wish to develop.

"The cost cap is a constraint that is real. And it does affect what you can do. But it's just part of the new challenge. And it's the same for all of us, typically. But I think what you have to be is just ruthlessly efficient. You have to be very confident, as confident as you can be from the wind tunnel, or CFD, whatever the source of the upgrade is, that when you actually commit to making it and bringing it to the car that you a) you're very confident that it will work. Maybe we do a little bit more, spend a little bit more time doing that R&D than we would have done in the past."

"And you also have to be confident that it will not only work now, but you can see some future for it in terms of how you develop the rest of the car. What you can't afford to be doing is chopping and changing bits. It's all got to work coherently. And not just in the here and now, but there has to be some vision of what that will look like going forward. So yeah, it's a challenge. But it's the same for all of us."

Ferrari's Laurent Mekies is of the opinion that the FIA needs to make the regulations more watertight in order for costs not to re-escalate.

"If you think back to how long for we have been playing with Technical Regulations and Sporting Regulations to make them rock solid as a sport? You have to admit the Financial Regulations are still a very young set of regulations, and how do we collectively make them enforceable? How do we make them equitable in all situations? It's a big challenge right now. We know is going to take time. And therefore, the key questions, we think, is how do you deal, how do we deal collectively with these early years of the regulations, where we know there is (a) grey area, where we know there is things that needs to be improved?"

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