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F1 | Norris: “McLaren is where I want to be winning races and I’m the driver I want to see McLaren win with”

The Briton has just extended his contract with McLaren until 2025. It shows a mutual trust and commitment.

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F1 | Norris: “McLaren is where I want to be winning races  and I’m the driver I want to see McLaren win with”
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McLaren announced that it just extended its contract with Lando Norris until 2025. It is a great prolongation, as it means that the Woking-based team aims at the Briton as their present and future first choice, in terms of driving. Together, team and driver have already achieved much, considering that Norris entered MTC in 2017, and McLaren and him grew up together, with the team being born again and him learning from their Young Drivers program until now: the change of era.

 “I’m very happy with where I am because we have the same goals. I’ve got a good confidence with the team and the team has a good confidence in me so we want to achieve this together. You know I want to win with McLaren, I want to win a championship with McLaren, a few races at least – he says about the renewal and extension of the contract. – I’m happy I'm staying here for so much longer, with the boys and girls in MTC (McLaren Technology Centre) and continuing this together.”

The Briton is with McLaren since 2017, so he must feel the MTC just like a second home to him. Continuity can really be an advantage for his career.

“Especially now it is important to go forward with the team. With new rules is important to continue in 2022, 2023 and 2024. – he affirms – It is important to keep staying there with the team and have a constant feedback. It’s going to be an advantage to someone who might be changing team, for example. It’s good for myself, it’s good for the team, continuing our relationship together and continue with the people I’ve grown with and I’ve got in Formula 1 with.”

To extend a contract since 2025 is clearly a vote of confidence from the team in him, but it can also be considered as a mutual vote of confidence, also from Norris to McLaren.

“Of course. McLaren is where I want to be winning races  and I’m the driver I want to see McLaren win with – he states – We want to achieve the same goals, which is to win races. I believe McLaren can win races and Championship. I’m happy to stay here, and stay with the same people. I’m home, I’m really in a good place and I look forward continuing our journey together”.


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