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F1 | Money, politics and all the “fake things” in F1 that Raikkonen won’t miss

Alfa Romeo former driver Kimi Raikkonen talks about nowadays F1 situation, revealing that he does not miss all the fake thinks he left behind

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F1 | Money, politics and all the “fake things” in F1 that Raikkonen won’t miss
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Twenty years in Formula 1, a world title with Ferrari in 2007, 349 GPs starts and a career in Sauber, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus and Alfa Romeo: this is Kimi Raikkonen in data.

The 2007 World Champion retired at the end of 2021 season and he seems interested in enjoying his family even if he could not race professionally again. Kimi Raikkonen does not regret the decision taken during the last winter, though, as he reveals to Autosport that F1 is very full of “fake things”, he does not mind to leave behind.

There are so many things that are making no sense, at least in my head, what happens here, - the Finn reveals – All kinds of bullshit that goes around. We know it, but nobody says it. Things that I don’t think that even should be.”

Raikkonen became famous for his off-track personality for being a sincere, genuine man with no interest in things, which happened outside racing. Moreover, he frequently spoke up his mind freely, without constructions from the “powers” that rule F1.

"A lot of things are such fake things in here. It’s good to be out. Mentally, it’s very good to be out of all that bullshit for a while, - he admits.

“I know what I’m looking forward to when I get out, - the Finn continuesThere’s so much more [bullshit] than people see from the outside.”

In more than twenty years into the sport, Raikkonen saw how things changed, as when he arrived in F1 in 2001 “everything was new” and things were “nothing like today”.

But what are the engines that started the change of everything?

“Money, for sure, money has changed [things], like any sport, - the Iceman says – The more money you put in, the more politics. In general, in any country, there are games that people never know until you are inside the whole thing. You probably know this. For sure money plays a big part, and power. I guess people want to have power, this and that. I think there would be a lot of good politicians that would do well in actual politics! It’s been like that for many years, many many years. It’s just maybe people realise it more now.”

Kimi has always been interested only in racing and no money or politics have interfered between him and his passion for speed.

“I don’t get involved, - the Finn adds up, meaning politics in F1 – I know a lot of things that go on, but I don’t get involved. If you get involved every day, I don’t think it’s very healthy for you.


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