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F1 | According to CEO Stefano Domenicali, Interest From Venues Could Easily Give F1 A 30-Race Schedule, "But We Cannot Go In This Direction"

Formula One is so interested in new races that it could easily sustain a 30-race schedule if it so wished

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F1 | According to CEO Stefano Domenicali, Interest From Venues Could Easily Give F1 A 30-Race Schedule, "But We Cannot Go In This Direction"
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For the first time ever, F1's largest calendar included 22 races this year, and 23 races are planned for next year.

While this has helped F1 recover from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also been a source of disagreement due to the human impact of such an intense schedule, which makes the most-disliked triple headers a standard feature.

Despite the failure of Liberty Media's first new event in Vietnam, the company has successfully secured the revival of the Dutch Grand Prix as well as the addition of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Miami to the mix.

After Miami joins the Austin event on the 2022 schedule, the most likely choices for additional grand prix in the near future are a second race in China and a third in the United States.

However, because there is a maximum of 25 grands prix in the regulations, and Domenicali argues it would be unfeasible to keep adding races, the increased demand is likely to be controlled with a rotation of events.

In an exclusive interview with The Race Domenicali states, "We are living in a great moment for Formula 1, there’s no doubt.”

He continues, "In terms of sporting intensity on the track, in terms of interest from stakeholders, from the public, a new audience coming in and a new way of talking with the new audiences, and having a clear path in the regulations for a future that is very relevant to our DNA and the future technology and sustainability with this type of fuel and hybridisation. And therefore, it’s true that there is a big interest for new places – or old places! – to be part of our calendar."

He adds, “I think that with no doubt, without any kind of limitation that is correct to keep, there could be easily over 30 venues that we could do [a deal with] tomorrow, but we cannot go in this direction. It’s a good problem to have, to manage the most important in terms of strategy, in terms of business, in terms of the future of where we have to go. It’s something that we are now understanding as to what is the best grands prix that we want to keep in a stable base, or we may think for certain places where there could be a rotation. These are thoughts that we are elaborating on.”

The additions to the Liberty Media schedule have been a result of a combination of circuit type and the importance of commercial relationships.

The return of Zandvoort has added a nostalgic race at an old-school track, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia represent two high-paying grands prix at completely different circuits, and the much-coveted Miami Grand Prix has given F1 a 'destination race' – though the track does not appear to be particularly exciting.

In conclusion, Domenicali is enthusiastic about F1's recent additions for the calendar as he states, "I think these are all positive elements for the growth of Formula 1."

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