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F1 | Turkish GP | Mick Schumacher after his best performance on a Saturday: "I´m very very happy"

Mick Schumacher had a great performace today leading his team into Q2.

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F1 | Turkish GP | Mick Schumacher after his best performance on a Saturday: "I´m very very happy"
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic. MotorLat

It was a great Saturday for Mick Schumacher. The young German driver made it to Q2 after a superb performance in Q1 under very tricky conditions and will start the Turkish Gp from the 14th place. MotorLat had access to an online media session where the driver explained his two sessions and shared his feelings on their best Saturday so far.

Although Schumacher made it to Q2 in France earlier this year, today felt like the first time for the driver. “We got to drive this one,” he said. “I´m happy to get the chance even to think about Q3. I know it´s far-fetched but it would have been great to have that opportunity. The car felt great. We, as a team, did a really good job. I´m really happy right now”

When he was asked by MotorLat to describe the lap that took him to Q2 and his feelings when he received the confirmation on the radio Mick explained “It was the one lap that we had left to try and make it. We knew we had the opportunity because the lap we had before was not too bad I think for some time we were on P15 and I knew there was still some time in it. I wasn´t a hundred percent happy with my lap before but then the one lap that I had I think we really managed to get most out of it and obviously once I crossed the line and I heard Gary opened the radio and the cheering in the back I knew that things were good and looked good so I think overall I´m very very happy”

Asked about the yellow flags that held him up on his last Q2 lap and the possibility of a Q3 the driver said “If I probably would have had my last lap probably could have improved by two or three tenths not knowing how much the track evolution was but just by pure driving improvements. I think there was definitely some more in it. I don´t know if it was possible…maybe it wasn´t that far after all but I think we just didn´t have the tyre at that time to probably do the biggest jump we were hoping for.”

This weekend shows a huge improvement on performance and the gap between the teams seems to be smaller, asked about the possible reasons Schumacher explained “I don´t really know. It´s hard to answer. It probably would take some analyzing after the weekend. Maybe also because the track is very new to most teams. We haven’t driven in a while except for last year maybe that just brings the drivers and the teams a bit closer. Frankly, I like it being that way. I enjoy it. I like being close. Probably also the mixed conditions today helped to really kind of show the drivers abilities to find the grip and find the lap time”

On the tricky turn 1 and how close to the edge he managed to keep it. Mick explained “I think everybody was quite close to it. What gave us the opportunity to be this close also in Q2 was that we managed to keep on the grey side and not go off track limits and be more consistent. Same in Turn 4. Turn 4 was also very damp…”

Today Mick had a new seat fit on his Haas, Mick said “probably it is a lucky charm. So probably we´ll keep it and hopefully it will be good”

On today´s performance the driver seemed quite confident and happy with it “I think in terms of performance we´ve been the closest and the fastest so far in Qualifying. Obviously I´m just really happy right now and happy that we managed as a team. I think the progression that we were doing was always there It´s something we really have to try and keep by and keep till the end of the season.”   

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