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F1 | Red Bull: Not giving up on 2021 car ahead of 2022 revolution in F1

Christian Horner said that Red Bull could never sacrifice the development for 2021, despite all of their rivals already shifting their focus to 2022.

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F1 | Red Bull: Not giving up on 2021 car ahead of 2022 revolution in F1
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As Formula 1 will see their big revolution next season, with new regulations, many of the teams have already halted their development process for this season to be able to fully focus on the new 2022 cars. But Red Bull decided to stand out from the paddock crowd, and keeps bringing new updates for their RB16B to make sure the team does everything they can to have a chance at winning the F1 title in 2021.

Christian Horner, the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, has said that he believes the team is not sacrificing the 2022 performance by still developing their current car, and that he would not accept the team doing anything different.

As he said in an interview with Motorsport.com: “It is embedded in who we are as a race team that it's not in our culture to give up on any season. Of course we have the constraints of the budget cap as well, which makes life slightly more complicated.  

“But people have short term memories in this sport, and you've got to go for it.  

“Every race is an opportunity and if it means people have to work a little bit harder, and a few longer hours to enable that, then absolutely everybody is up to that challenge.” 

When asked if he was surprised that Mercedes has already chosen to stop with upgrades in 2021 and focus fully on 2022, Horner replied: “I don't know what their constraints are.

“Obviously they're a bigger organisation than we are, so cost cap is having a significant impact on their planning and how they've managed during the COVID period. We've managed to keep the body of the team very much together.  

“I can't judge other organisations without having all the facts, so all I can do is focus on what we're doing. And we're very comfortable with the approach that we are taking.  

“Obviously if they are two seconds ahead of us at the first race next year, that will be disappointing. But I feel that we've got the balance about right at the moment.”  

The dedication that Red Bull has for this season of F1 has been definitely showing through their performance this year, being the closest rival to Mercedes since the start of their winning stint in the turbo hybrid era of the sport. Will Red Bull, after constantly bringing new upgrades for their current car, be able to challenge Mercedes to the point they win this season’s title? And will the current development not hinder their performance in 2022? 

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