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F1 | French GP | Guenther Steiner on the Baku incident between Schumacher and Mazepin: "We're blowing this out of proportion"

"If they weren’t team mate it wouldn’t have been this much of a story" said the team principal in a media session 

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F1 | French GP | Guenther Steiner on the Baku incident between Schumacher and Mazepin: "We're blowing this out of proportion"
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A lot of conversation has been going around because of the incident between Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin in Baku during the final laps of the race: the russian did a strange maneuvre in trying to defend from team mate Schumacher who opened the radio to scream "Is he trying to kill us?". 

A lot has been said about the duo, even if they sit in the last spots on the grid, and the majority blamed Nikita for what happened; other, like F1 Grand Prix winner Gerard Bergher, simply labelled the incident as "quite normal", as during his F1 years "the man in front always did that". 

MotorLat had the chance to attend a virtual media session with Haas team principal Guenther Steiner, and the Baku incident remained the hot topic. 

"You saw what happened there, after the race we talked about the situation and I won’t get into details, but I always think these situations should be solved straight away, so not many people can get an opinion about it - said Steiner - I called them in and tried to explain that it doesn’t help anybody, the team or their future. I need to be their teacher, so we just talked and came to a conclusion, easier than you think."

Schumacher revealed earlier this week that Steiner spoke to Mazepin first.

"I spoke to Nikita first to explain what happened, as I wasn’t sure he did see the incident, I wanted him to see what happened and let him speak, I didn’t want It to become a fight; but he was very mature when we spoke," he revealed.

"They had very different opinions, and I wanted to hear both of them, but it lasted very few minutes, I just wanted to make sure they saw what happened, understand and move on."

The incident was maybe blown out of proportion because of Mazepin's reputation among media and Formula 1 fans and a simple racing fight was magnified.

Asked if it's likely to happen again, Guenther said: "About the future, I don’t know, I don’t have a crystal ball.

"It’s racing, I think we’re blowing this out of proportion.They’re guys. They fight between each other, if they weren’t team mates it wouldn’t have been this much of a story."

The team principal is aware his two drivers are competing against each other.

"They’re too slow to fight against other drivers, I think that’s what they need to do, to reach some targets and not to just go around in circles, or else it’s not stimulating, it doesn’t get the best out of them. I need to explain if it goes wrong it’s not constructive, I think about all the consequences.

"They’re both young, only the future will tell, I hope it doesn’t happen again, but I can’t be 100% sure, they’re very competitive."

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