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F1 | Portuguese GP | Dave Robson on Sprint qualifying, points in the horizon and Russell’s reaction after Imola incident

Williams’ Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson, answered some questions and talked about future changes, George’s maturity after incident with Bottas and possibility of scoring points in the horizon.

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F1 | Portuguese GP | Dave Robson on Sprint qualifying, points in the horizon and Russell’s reaction after Imola incident
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After missing out on Q3 by a narrow margin, Robson said to MotorLat and other selected media: "I think P11 is a pretty good start and place, great choice of tyre and brand new ones to start the race with.

"It is difficult to know what would’ve happened in Q3. I’d imagine that conditions in the wind, it’s hard to imagine we would’ve been much further up than P10 so, yeah, it would’ve been great to get in there, but P11 is pretty good to be honest,” adding that he feels they got a good chance tomorrow.

When asked about Rusell’s comments about the car being quick in the straights Robson confirmed that the car was rapid in the straight lines, like it was in both Bahrain and Imola, saying that is is quite a good feature of this car.

“Today I think, obviously using DRS, it was still pretty quick, so hopefully yeah it can carry over. It will help him at this circuit, I think it will have an advantage," talking about getting George to the points.

Something he thinks they are on the right direction towards:

“The momentum’s good. I’m glad we backed up the performance today, but there’s still a lot of work to do tomorrow… We’re pushing towards that top 10 but it’s so depending on how we still develop the car on the upcoming weeks now. A lot still to do, but much more hopeful than I was two months ago definitely.”

Robson also touched the subject of Rusell’s incident involving Valtteri Bottas. He thinks George’s initial reaction could happen to anyone but that we also saw him being mature about it afterwards:

“The inmediate moment when he jumped out of the car, that’s probably something he won’t do in the future. Within a few hours or few days of that I think he was very sensible and mature about understanding what had happened and why the consequences of that incident, so yeah I think it is just him, I think you gotta have some experiences like that in order to know how to deal with them in the future. So, I think is was quite good effort from him afterwards to ammend what he did, he had a bit of a chance to think about it leading to a different weekend.”

Continuing in talks about the future there was something that could spark quite a conversation between fans and followers: Sprint qualifying.

“I think it’s a perfectly good experiment, quite looking forwards to seeing what it does mean. I think, I’m still a bit unsure as to what FP2 would look like in terms of what we’ll be prepared to do and which tyres we’d choose to use for that. That’s the biggest connundrum at the moment.

"But I think the Friday format looks good, second day, the sprint qualifying itself I think is fine, that looks quite interesting. I think if we do such thing, I think we need to get on exactly what that would mean.”

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