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F1 | No two-day F1 weekends, says Domenicali

Domenicali and Hamilton share their views on whether it's better or not to keep the current three-day format.

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F1 | No two-day F1 weekends, says Domenicali
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The discussion on ways to add in new races has been going on for quite a while now. 

Among the proposals there was compressing race weekends in a two day span, in order to expand the calendar without excessively burdening the personnel who were already put under pressure in a rather challenging 2020 season. 

We saw this 2-day format twice last year: at the Emilia Romagna GP in Imola there was only one single free practice session, which took place on Saturday morning and at the Nurburgring for the Eifel Grand Prix, where bad weather conditions forced F1 to call off the Friday FPs.

But it's very unlikely to happen as Formula 1's new CEO Stefano Domenicali ruled this possibility out while speaking in a video on F1.com.

“All the organisers really wanted to have a full experience for the people and for the crowd, so we need to respect that,” he made clear.

Seven time World Champion Lewis Hamilton also shared his thoughts on the matter. 

“There's 22 days less of 20 cars bombing around the track and polluting the air, the planet, so that's a positive," he explained.

But that's about the only positive side.

He argued that the compact format leaves teams and drivers with a considerably reduced amount of time to get adjusted and makes it more difficult to try different set ups. 

"I think it just made it so much harder for us. Normally you have two sessions on the Friday, you get time to make tons of different set-up changes and, if you're on the back foot, you've got time to catch up." 

"When you start on a Saturday, you've got no time. You've got that one session to really get on top of it and the set-up between practice and qualifying. It made it so hard."

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