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F1 | All the things Ferrari learned from the 2020 season

Laurent Mekies explains that Ferrari used this disastrous season to learn from its mistakes

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F1 | All the things Ferrari learned from the 2020 season
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The 70th season of Formula 1 has been quite difficult for everybody due to the pandemic but for Ferrari 2020 season has been a disaster.

With its sixth place in the constructors’ championship, the Maranello- based team reached its worst result since 1980. The car is to blame, as the SF1000 showed a lack both in aerodynamics and in engine power, and Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel fought more against their single-seater than against their rivals.

Nevertheless, the hopes for 2021 are still high. Ferrari’s sport director Laurent Mekies declares that the Prancing Horse is rewinding the season in order to learn from the series of mistakes it committed and this is the best way to be stronger on the next season.

For what it may concerns the new season, it will allow them to introduce an all-new power unit for the start of  2021 even though the cost-saving measures will oblige them to continue using the current chassis along 2021 as well.

Talking about aerodynamics, development is allowed but only partially, as changes will have to submit to a restrictive token system, who will, according to Ferrari, be useful to minor teams, which could use these limits to fill the gaps with bigger ones.https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/18373/f1-ferrari-aware-of-rivals-token-system-advantages-for-2021

However, the most powerful weapon that the Prancing Horse will use to avoid repeating this year’s performances is to keep in mind all the lessons learned along the way. “There were a lot of small, very significant achievements in the year, that were unnoticed because we were at the back,- Mekies said -It's something that hopefully will make us stronger, and that we will carry on to the next year. What we take from that is even in such hard time, in such globally difficult conditions, the way we have tried and pushed our limits. When you are back there, you are down to take more risk, drivers are taking more risk, the team takes more risk because that's what you have to do to get a good result. That sort of getting out of the comfort zone, if you can call it a comfort zone, certainly will make us stronger in the future."

Then, he analysed the beginning of the trouble for “La Rossa”- “In Barcelona [winter testing] we quickly realised that we had serious concerns about some of aspects of the performance of the car,- Mekies added- So we knew it was going to be very difficult. We didn't know yet at that time how long it was going to be for us to understand them fully, and even less to fix them. And then we went into that crazy situation, where we all jumped into COVID at that stage, and couldn't touch all problems of the car for a few months. I guess there were indications there that the season would be extremely difficult, as it turned out to be."

F1 is not a sport for the fainted- hearted and Ferrari will have to show it’s worth its own name in 2021, before being outcast by a growing Red Bull.

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