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F1 | Renault will miss Ricciardo

A closer look to how and why Ricciardo was important to the French outfit for the last two years.

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F1 | Renault will miss Ricciardo
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Daniel Ricciardo will be missed next year at Renault as he moving to McLaren for the 2021 season. A story that has been one of the biggest stories of the year as Max Verstappen was one reason for Ricciardo’s departure.

The seven-time race winner has a unique personality, high degree of self-confidence, a fresh smile which makes the atmosphere cheerful and a sweet charisma which leaves a huge impact where he stays. No doubt Renault will going to miss such personality.

However, the 31 years-old has always been a top talent and one that many teams wished for before he leaves Red Bull. And when he moved to Renault in 2019, it was quite shocking news for many.

On the other hand, the Aussie has developed the R.S.20 very well, he is the star of the French manufacturer and has done a brilliant job for the team. Ricciardo managed to score two podiums in 2020 for the team, making everyone grateful at the company. If we go back at the results of the Anston based team before his arrival, we can tell the huge changes he made.

In 2019, Ricciardo finished 9th ahead of Hulkenberg, who finished 14th. While currently in 2020, Ricciardo is in 6th claiming 96 Renault’s 136 points this season and Ocon is in 12th as it stands.

So many reasons convince viewers why the honey badger is still one of the best drivers on the grid.

No doubt the team would try to change his mind to stay with the French squad but as the old saying says: leopard can’t change its spots. The shoey boy will be missed.

Renault’s Executive Director, Marcin Budkowski said that the departure of the Australian will be a significant loss to the team on and off the track.

“He’s at the top of his form,” said Budkowski, at the Turkish GP

“He’s driving exceptionally well and that shows in the team results but also in his personal results, so of course we will miss him.

But we will also miss the character. He’s a smiley, engaging character [and it’s] a pleasure to work with him. Daniel walks in the room and suddenly the mood in the room picks up because his smile and his enthusiasm is infectious.”

I think the car is clearly a better car than we had last year,” he said. “We addressed some of the major weaknesses we had on last year’s car. We’ve made good progress during the season, we’ve made good upgrades and that’s obviously pushed us forward in the pecking order.

But we’ve also understood the car better. I wouldn’t call it a breakthrough but it was progressive learning and understanding of the car, and therefore in parallel you understand the car better and you improve it. And when all these things come together, you start to perform better.

We’re in such a tight group,” he added, “and the differences are so small in the midfield cars that by being in the front of the group, you’re taking the opportunities such as podiums – as we’ve seen.”

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