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F1 | 70th Anniversary GP | What we've learned from the historical race

The 70th Anniversary GP has delivered mix feelings for many drivers, it was sweet for some, bitter for the others... Read for more.

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F1 | 70th Anniversary GP | What we've learned from the historical race
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Happy and unhappy Hamilton:
Red Bull has revealed the best strategy at the 70th anniversary GP this weekend in Silverstone, the second GP to be held in the UK back to back.

Last weekend, Hamilton won the British GP with only 3 tires in an astonishing way, well, who needed four tires, anyway? his runner up, Max Verstappen was right behind the brit and if he hasn't gone through the pit before hamilton's puncture, he would pass Hamilton very easy! but this weekend, the Dutchman paid it back with a better strategy from his team's boss Christian Horner.

Red Bull's strategy has turned out to be absolutely spot on this weekend with two stops starting with Hard compound after tire issue struck Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz, and Lewis Hamilton which left an incredible late drama especially at the few last laps of the British Grand Prix. However, Pirelli boss Mario Isola has confirmed to change tire pressures the 70th anniversary GP as teams will be running 27 psi for the front tires and 22 psi for the rears expecting the teams to have to run a two-stop strategy.

After the race, Lewis Hamilton who finished second wasn’t wondering if Red Bull had "different settings" to Mercedes when he commented on tire pressure!. Verstappen didn’t seem to have that same problem.

Hamilton: “He must have less pressure in his tires or something,” anyway, he couldn't believe how they kept the pressures down.

“In general, to look after your tires, you need to keep the temperatures down and hence the pressures, so that wasn’t really my thought processes when I was out there.

“They must be able to keep their pressures lower than ours and that’s why ours were blistering and that was just a theory that I had.

“I wasn’t saying that they have different settings to us because we all have the same minimum but if you can keep your pressures lower then you can go further and make the tires last longer, so I think that that’s probably it.

“I’ll find out later but I’m sure that’s part of the issue that we had probably,” Hamilton added.

However, knowing that he didn't win the race but, the other feeling of a "YAY" for the reigning champion was that he matched the remarkable Michael Schumacher record, 155 podium finishes to his name.

Vettel's car struggles exacerbated:
Race after race, we witness a sorrowful Grand Prix by the four-times world champions, simply it wasn't the finest moment for the German as he spun at the start of the race with medium compound, everything just went wrong at the start as he lost controlling the car for seconds then, made it safe condition afterward as Vettel cut the inside of Turn 1, kicking up dust and unsettling the car.

Later on, Vettel has explained everything saying: “Well we spoke this morning and said there was no point pitting knowing that we will run into traffic - and that’s exactly what we did.

“We went also onto a hard tire, which we then only had on for ten laps, probably not even that, so it didn’t make any sense.

“I mean why would you put the hard for ten laps and put the medium for 20 laps? So I was running out of tires towards the end, so we spoke about exactly that.”

“I don’t know,” he said. “I guess something is there that I’m missing so I’m not sure what it is. Nevertheless, I try to get out of bed and do as best as I can. Today we could have been higher up.

Vettel sounded offended and bristle by the team's strategy believing that they would have done better results than what they've scored. Sebastian Vettel who believes his performance gap to Leclerc is "a bit odd" is in 13th place in the drivers' standings, poorly with just only 10 points.

An astonishing performance by Albon:
Alexander Albon has risen up in performance again as we can't say he actually "nailed it" knowing that the Thai has performed better at the second Austrian GP (TEIERMARK GP) earlier in this modified season.

But what made this GP so special for the London-born is that he started 9th from the grid and produced a series of overtakes, Albon finally managed to settle at the 5th position after all at the hot Silverstone.

"I am happy with today's race and the car was unbelievable. At the beginning of the race, it was tricky to overtake with the DRS train

"it was so good, so we need to go away and understand why. It shows we have a lot of potential in the car, it's just hard to unlock it sometimes, but we are good in these conditions

"It was a good finish to get fifth and hopefully we can now bring some more performance to next week's race." the Thai said after the race.

Disappointed Bottas:
Valteri Bottas was the biggest loser as he finished 3rd in a race he started from the pole, thanks to Mercedes's strategy failure as the Finn claimed! However, Bottas was healing from the last week's British GP nightmare until another trauma has hit him so bad!

As a matter of fact, Bottas was fastest than Hamilton in the last 3rd Q at of the Qualifying last Saturday. The Finn experienced two bitter weekends back to back when a late drama has hit him in a core, an unexpected tire failure robbed him second place at the British GP. He dropped to P11 and left the British GP pointless.

Botas was frustrated and couldn't believe what has gone at the 70th anniversary GP: "Very frustrating, obviously, starting from pole and finishing third," he said.

After the race, Bottas has described his team as they were “sleeping” during the race. However, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff wasn't happy by hearing that from Bottas criticizing the team's strategy and has disagreed with him.

Wolff explained to Bottas after the race saying: “I don’t think we were sleeping,” he said, “but I accept his perspective. I think we just had the slower car today and you have to just admit that.”

However, the team was afraid of another tire failure the 70th anniversary GP weekend, at least something is always better than nothing, so Bottas and Hamilton were the slowest compare to Max's Red Bull obviously to avoid another drama at Silverstone with a better strategy start for the bulls.

Bottas: "I was asking the team if I could go faster," he continued, "because I was managing the tires around that time, but I got the message that keeping the tires in good condition was still the priority.

Hulk Back in Pink again or we shall say, another ride for the memorable weekend:
It was a great and historical moment for Nico Hulkenberg to sit behind the wheels this weekend again at Racing Point's HQ, Silverstone. The German was called to replace Cheko for the second time was diagnosed with COVID 19 before the British GP. Perez is recovering and doing well physically as his team reported. The german did a great race after he failed to start the first one last week, he finished 6th in the points zone behind his teammate, Lance Stroll. 

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