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F1 | Styrian GP | It would have been Red Bull’s first-ever pole position but...

It could have been a big day for Red Bull but it didn't quite work out.

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F1 | Styrian GP | It would have been Red Bull’s first-ever pole position but...
Fuente imagen: Max Verstappen Twitter account

It was a rainy Qualy at the Red Bull ring, the second race of the Austrian Grand Prix where everyone thought Qualifying would be canceled any moment if the rain comes havier and to adopt the latest positions that have been scored at the third free practice. 
Anyhow, Qualifying was completed as Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time under the rain, Max who become second missed out on the possibility of taking Red Bull’s first-ever pole position at their home track. Red Bull has 62 Pole Positions in their records by different drivers non of them was made at their home. 
The dutchman spun on his final hot lap in Q3 with his Red Bull in the final corner. at that corner, Sebastian Vettel was about to pit as he appeared all of sudden in front, Max surprised and couldn't see Vettel which made him do that mistake due to the drizzles of the track because of the rain.
“It was very tricky out there, and of course the last lap would have been better,” said Verstappen. 
“I think overall it was a good qualifying,” he added, “but in Q3 it was raining a lot more and it seemed like [the car] was struggling a bit more in the really wet conditions, so it was just aquaplaning a lot more and I couldn’t really put the power down in some combined corners.
“It was not very enjoyable out there... not easy. I tried to be a bit close to the guy ahead to stay in his tracks and try and have a little bit less water. But anyway, P2 is still good.”
Max about his final lap during Q3, Max said:
“I understeered because of it and then I went a bit wide, like I came on to the curb on the exit and then I lost it. Anyway, it was not good enough of a lap to beat Lewis.”
“It’s incredible, you can’t see a thing when you are within 6 seconds of the car ahead of you. Towards the end it started to rain more and immediately sector two was becoming more tricky. Q3 was very difficult for me at least, a lot of standing water and yeah I lost quite a lot of grip”

Max Believes he can win the race tomorrow and that e has a good chance in the first and second corners to overtake Hamilton and win his third victory at Red Bul Ring.



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