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Andrea Stella is the new McLaren racing director

After many seasons as performance director, Stella gets promoted as the new racing director by the Woking – based team

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Andrea Stella is the new McLaren racing director
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McLaren keeps moving forward with its intention to reconstruct itself after some disastrous seasons that have menaced their self- esteem and their golden past.

The Woking – based team decided to part ways with Honda as engine provider and became powered by Renault. Even tough the Japanese company have provided an excellent engine to Toro Rosso and Red Bull for the whole 2019 season, McLaren made clear to the world that the decision to leave and to change was the best for itself.

The British team started to change everything in its team and factory and this year it finished the Championship as fourth, a great result – almost unbelievable at the beginning of 2019 – improving continuously and becoming the “best of the rest”.

This urge to renew everything brought a promotion to their long- time chief engeneer Andrea Stella: indeed, he is now the new racing director.

A great honour, considering that this role has been covered until now by the team leader Andreas Seidl and before by Eric Boullier.


The Italian will have a lot of resposibilities, because in the meantime he will keep working on the new car and will begin to connect closely with James Key. The goal is to create a sort- of fluid communication between the technical area that “creates” the car and the track.

“It is important to define the managing structure in our team”- the team manager Andreas Seidl said- during this period, all the decisions were up to me and I was covering three different key roles. This can’t be possible as each one of them deserves full attention. “

 Until now, when he temporarily occupied this role, Seidl could count on three fundamental personalities: James Key for technical engineering, Piers Thynne for production and Andrea Stella as performance director.

 “They were important because I like clear roles and clear responsibilities. Now more than ever, with these uncertain regulations coming up I need them to analyse any single department to shape each one accordingly and get the maximum for the team.”

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