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F1 | Haas to not reveal the details of action taken against Mazepin

Just week after the official announcement of Nikkita Mazepin as Haas driver a video from his Instagram story went viral and since has been making headline all around the electronic and print media.

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F1 | Haas to not reveal the details of action taken against Mazepin
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In this recent statement on Nikkita Mazepin Gunther Steiner Haas F1’s team principal says whatever, action will be taken against their newley signed F1 driver Mazepin may not be revealed and it might be kept private.

Just a week after signing his contract with American team Haas, a video of Russian driver Nikkita Mazepin emerged on social media which sourced back to his official F1 account and video showed Russian driver groping a young girl in his car’s backseat.

Haas immediately gave a condemning statement and told they will be taking Mazepin’s “abhorrent” behavior very seriously.

After Abu Dhabi GP when asked Steiner said they had no time to focus on Mazepin’s issue and the matter is still pending and further action will be taken soon/

“We had a race weekend going on, as you know, so I didn't focus on that one,”

“That will be job for the coming week, when I'm back in the office at home. So, I'm travelling, and then we will deal with that,” said Gunther Steiner

“But we spoke up until the race weekend started, and I said there's no point that we do anything now because there is a focus, which needs to be kept.”

Mazepin later that day apologized about his actions and said: he had to “hold myself to a higher standard as a Formula 1 driver”.

Mazepin son of Russian business tycoon Dmitry Mazepin who recently secured his super license for F1 after finishing fifth in Formula 1 junior series F2 at Bahrain GP.

Signing of Mazepin for Haas meant influx of a huge some of money for the unstable team and in the shape of sponsorship from his father’s Uralchem Group.

Seeing all that pros and cons of his decision Gunther will keep the actions private.

“Yes, I can make an objective assessment, obviously,” Steiner said. “But as I said, I will deal with that the coming week.

“Maybe you guys will never know what was dealt with, and what are the circumstances, because I will keep them private.”

Steiner also added that we as a team cannot interfere into the personal matters of Mazepin but anything affecting team’s reputation and Formula 1’s reputation will always be taken seriously.

“I don't think it's about my personal reaction,” Steiner said.

“My first things were, I looked into it, and I had no reaction, because I need to stay objective. So, I have to have no reaction to it.

“I need to get the facts together, speak with people, speak with the people involved and speak [about] how it happened. And then I can make my assessment

“It doesn't get to me personally at that moment. I cannot do that, because then I'm not objective anymore.

“I need to be objective about everything in these things.”


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